Turkish Nouns, The Object (accusative)
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Turkish Nouns, The Object (accusative)

Turkish Nouns, The Object (accusative)
The Subject (nominative)

There is no separate Definite Article "the" in Turkish.

The subject is already considered as specific in Turkish.

Fincan masada.
The cup is on the table.

[fincan "The cup" subject not suffixed]

The Subject: the cup fincan is considered as definitive (specific) in Turkish.

It is the way of saying "the" cup as a subject.

The Object (accusative)

An accusative suffix -(y)i -(y)ı -(y)u -()ü is added to objects to signify "the".

This is difficult for English speakers.

English uses the definite article "the" to distinguish the object of a sentence.

Masadaki fincanı bana verin.
Give me the cup which is on the table.

[fincanı fincan-ı "The cup" object  is suffixed]

It is the way of saying "the" cup as an object.

Turkish Nouns, The Object (accusative), Turkish Nouns, The Object 

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